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The Texas State Board of Education is on the verge of erasing significant amounts of African-American and American history from student textbooks.

Among the many proposed changes are attempts to paint the Confederacy in a positive light, rewrite the civil rights era, downplay the contributions of nonwhite characters in Texas history, and ignore the atrocities committed on our own soil by groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

These revisions are deeply offensive to not only African-Americans and Texans — but all Americans.

Make it known throughout your state that if Texas textbook standards pass, they won’t be coming into your classrooms.

American history — the good, the bad and the ugly — is what makes our country so special. Let’s keep it that way.

Add your voice of protest. Sign the Not in My State Pledge to stop history from being rewritten:

(via NAACP | Not in my State)

This is especially bad because Texas is a huge state and orders an incredible amount of textbooks, and therefore the Texas Board of Education has a lot of influence over what Publishing companies put in those books, and they’re used all over the country because of what Texas didn’t want taught in Texas.

The curriculum is already alienating enough to PoC students, especially to Black and Native kids. I wish I could say that it couldn’t get worse.

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